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Fueling Focus helps you get more out of Marketing Cloud and expedites speed to value. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned pro or somewhere in between, our customized action plans meet you where you are and prepare you for the next level.


Marketing Cloud

Implementation Success Coach


During the week of the implementation kickoff, I will meet with the marketing team. We will discuss their marketing roles and responsibilities within their org and well as important considerations and decisions that will aid in their success post go-live. We will also introduce a foundational educational curriculum so the team can focus on the platform enablement while your team focuses on building the platform.


Mid-implementation we will meet for a strategy planning session where we will focus on building out their journey strategy for success and identify their key marketing goals. During the Journey strategy session, we will map out audiences, data needs, content and channel considerations. This will expedite the customer’s speed to value and adoption post go-live.


One week prior to go-live, we will have a check in to address any questions, concerns, or obstacles that the marketing practitioners foresee prior to the big day. This will aid in a smooth transition and happy, confident customers.


Implementation Success Coach Brochure

Implementation Success Coach Timeline

Marketing Cloud

Onboarding Success Coach


We will get a deep understanding of the team’s experience level with Marketing Cloud, walk through the features and navigation tools, and identify marketing goals and priorities that will help define your customized onboarding training curriculum.


Together we will review the customized training material that has been specifically curated for your team based on your experience level, goals, and priorities gathered in step one.


Your success is our success and we want to ensure that you’re supported along the way! 30-60 days after step 2 is complete, we will check in, answer any questions and make sure that your training curriculum is providing value and driving results.


Onboarding Success Coach Brochure

Example of a Personalized Onboarding Curriculum

Marketing Cloud

Adoption Success Coach


During this time, we will get a deep understanding of your current state, what you aspire your future state to be and identify your platform maturity across a range of categories. We will list and prioritize your Marketing goals to align with your personalized action plan.


We will review your personalized action plan, loaded with enablement tools and best practices to empower you and your team to achieve goals, deliver on KPIs and ultimately get more value out of Marketing Cloud.


Your success is our success and we want to ensure that you’re supported along the way! 30-60 days after step 2 is complete, I will check in, answer any questions and make sure that the resources provided are providing value and driving results.


Adoption Success Coach Brochure

Example of a Personalized Action Plan


What Our Customers Are Saying

Salesforce is SO lucky to have Kathryn! She is a breath of fresh air with her always-on smile and good cheer attitude. She listens and immediately knows what resources we need to get to the next step in our journey with the Salesforce and Marketing Cloud
Digital Marketing Manager
As always Kathryn is a wealth of knowledge, incredibly friendly, and provides invaluable relevant insight. She is quick to pivot with as I ask questions about different (sometimes unrelated) product possibilities. I am glad to have been introduced to her.
Digital Marketing Specialist
Kathryn makes things happen! She is a wonderful partner to our team and frequently offers new ideas, resources, and creative solutions. I realize we aren't Kathryn's only client, but she is always available as if we were.
VP, Marketing


Kathryn at Fueling Focus

Kathryn has spent almost 20 years in Sales and Marketing. She has a deep seeded passion to empower her customers by providing support as well as time tested enablement strategies. She believes that today’s marketers not only have unique challenges but also untapped opportunities to create personalized brand experiences through the Marketing Cloud platform. She is excited to work with you and untap your marketing potential with Marketing Cloud!

Kathryn is based in Charleston, SC with her husband, Mike and their golden retriever, Hank. When she is not helping customers become Marketing Cloud gurus, you can find her outside playing with her golden retriever Hank, on the water, or trying out the latest restaurant in town.

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